IGN GDC 09: R.U.S.E. First Impressions

IGN writes: "If you watch a World War II movie odds are there's a scene where they show the generals at high command standing around a giant table looking at a map of the theater of war. Assistants stand around with what look like pool cues and push around models of tanks and aircraft that represent various units. R.U.S.E. looks a bit like this, but imagine that you could zoom close to the table top and suddenly it transformed into a stupendously vast 3D landscape. Those giant models of tanks and airplanes disappear and are replaced with dozens of tiny units that are battling it out, with explosions and artillery strikes everywhere. Suddenly, it's like World in Conflict meets Supreme Commander, but Ruse isn't going for a fast-paced, action vibe. Instead, it's got an intriguing idea--based on poker of all things--that impressed us."

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