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pwnsause3548d ago

well that was pretty underwhelming..

KruLLit3548d ago

Where is the wii games :/

darthv723548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

VC expanded to support arcade games...WTF do they think the NEO GEO is?

I am betting there will be a MAME download to handle all pre 2000 arcade games.

edit: Why has there been no mention of wii fw 4.0 with SDHC support? I dont see it anywhere on N4G.

Ghoul3548d ago

nintendo is milking the industry and im getting pretty annoyed bye it.

no quality game for wii since supermario galaxy. Nintendo is only cashing in on old titles. ...

Giriath3548d ago

Agreed. I think Zelda fans have tired of the cartoon games that get increasingly childish. Would it be so hard to make one like Ocarina of Time on the Wii? Please, Nintendo?

Ghoul3548d ago


would it be so hard to get any good game on the wii please ?
what happend to the n64 days, nintendo was stuffed with ip's

N4g_null3548d ago

Ghoul what good N64 games? I was a lot of golden eye back in the days. In fact you've already gotten that line up if you would only look at what is out.

Montreafart3548d ago

My god, they have totally lost it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Indeed, I'm still searching for a good reason to buy a Wii. By this I mean that I really want to see a new Zelda on that platform.

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Lucreto3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I was hoping a new Zelda game would be announced but it looks like another casual game but I could be wrong.

edit it looks like the usual zelda game with a new machanic like the boat in Phantom Hourglass.

SpoonyRedMage3548d ago

I had the same concern, hoping it is more like Phantom Hourglass and not a game based on driving a train.

N4g_null3548d ago

SpoonyRedMage this is the developer conference. It is not suppose to be about ego crushing titles like a new F zero or zelda. This is nintendo's chance to show they are willing to put your crazy ideas to use on their system.

Every thing announced was an effort to get developer to make games on their system.

The Sd card was a big boost and I'm sure my friend with Wii ware games are going to rest a lot easier tonight since more people will buy their games now.

I think too much is up in the air right now also. The Wii does not have the luxury of just showing some trailers. I'm not sure if nintendo has an engine to compete with capcom, square and HVS's offering yet.

The square guys are fully on board now. The next group will be rock star. The arcade move will bring more big names out also.

From a gamers prospective it's not much but lots of stuff is brewing, you guys should really be here the developers have made a 180 on the Wii. At least the bashing is not as bad.

TheColbertinator3548d ago

I honestly expected something for the Wii.So much success and profit and yet so little risk in handing us a bone.A new Zelda,Mario,F-Zero,Star Fox...anything!

Not even any info on Pikmin 3

solidjun53548d ago

Remember the debacle that was the Nintendo E3 press conference, Nintendo apologize for the lackluster display and said that the core titles are in development and that they will show them at a different show. What show is that?

TheColbertinator3548d ago

That was the separate Nintendo conference in October 2008,I believe.Even then Nintendo did not show a new Zelda,Mario,F-Zero.

They did not even attend Leipzig and the Tokyo Game Show

Zeus Lee3548d ago

A bit disappointed,but I suppose anything is better than nothing.

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