IncGamers: Wheelman Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald looks at the newest driving offering from Ubisoft.

"Vin takes the role of Milo Burik, an undercover CIA agent who's sent in to Barcelona to recover some documents, as the information within could kill thousands. Before long, he's working his way up through the three gangs that rule the city, and playing them off against each other to get what he needs."

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syrinx3552d ago

Not a bad score at all for this game.

Leord3552d ago

That's a pretty decent score. Is it like a GTA clone?

Dorjan3552d ago

Vin Diesel is a nice enough bloke from what you read.

7.7 is high enough score to like it though!

Fyzzu3552d ago

Seems like an okay game. Might be fun to go through those bonus missions with a mate and a bit of booze :)

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