Gamertell Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone, iPod Touch

Gamertell has posted a mixed review of Konami's latest iPhone and iPod Touch game, Metal Gear Solid Touch.

From the review:

"Now that it MGS Touch is finally in our hands, we have to say that this might not be the mobile Metal Gear Solid game everyone wanted but its the one we expected.

MGS Touch takes its gameplay from the Time Crisis and Virtua Cop school of designs, only Kojima Productions took things a step further and spliced in-game settings and objects from the actual Metal Gear Solid 4 game to create a gorgeous high-resolution arcade shooter.

Everything you've seen in the screenshots is made possible due to the use of cardboard cutout imagery from MGS 4. PMC troops, GEKKOs, the surroundings, and even Snake himself are cutouts pieced together. The idea is so simple and genius yet really lame all at the same time."

The review also include a gallery of screenshots of the game.

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