Backstage Pass: GH Metallica

Activision was kind enough to release a three part mini-video documentary that focuses on the making of Guitar Hero Metallica. Covering the bands involvement with the game, how they feel Guitar Hero is helping them reach new audiences, as well as a behind the scenes look at the motion capture and facial scanning process.

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CrAppleton3163d ago

It is really cool to see these guys.. these Rock Gods.. being so casual and cool about everything

bgrundman3163d ago

They seem to almost be in awe of all the work that goes into making the game.

Neco5123163d ago

these guys are really cool! They do seem in awe over the making of a game

ZootHornRollo3163d ago

this band sucks and there music is crap.

nothing but loser sell outs. trying to keep there fans so they dont have to go back to work

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bgrundman3163d ago

Wow, it looks like this has got alot more going on then the crappy Aerosmith Guitar Hero game.

CrAppleton3163d ago

OHH.. BURN on Aerosmith.. but you're right.. I don't think Aerosmith sucks by any means though

Spolodaface3163d ago

Indeed. Kinda makes me wish it had it's own exclusive instruments.

Actually, come to think of it I don't want to spend more money on plastic "Instruments".

Can't wait for the game though - big Metallica fan here.

killyourfm3163d ago

Anyone know if Rock Band drums will work on GH: Metallica?

bgrundman3163d ago

they will work the same as how it is handled in GH World Tour. However, the double pedal mode will not work :(

reluctant_gamer3163d ago

And trying to do some of this music without a double pedal would be impossible...

II Necroplasm II3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Unless if GH metallica came out with a speed pedal .... but that's cheating!

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supercharger51503163d ago

If you can play on expert, you should just play a real instrument... Then you might get some ass too. lol

CrAppleton3163d ago

LMAO yeah that's true. I'd be interested to see if these guys themselves could play the game

OldGamer3163d ago

The game will be harder than playing the songs for real.
I've been playing Metallica on guitar for over 15 years. Not to say their music is all easy, but the GH video games are much harder to master than the real thing.

I just hope more kids today are learning how to play real instruments instead of just playing a guitar game.

CrAppleton3163d ago

Yeah.. you're right. It's a shame more kids aren't picking up real instruments. With any luck though, games like this can inspire young minds to do so