Review: SOCOM: Confrontation [PS3] (

Our American cousins have been playing SOCOM: Confrontation for the last 5 months, while we sat and twiddled our thumbs waiting for its arrival. No doubt some the more impatient and creative fans of the series will have managed to get your hands on the game via the American PSN store, but for the rest of us the wait is finally over....

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GVON3552d ago

I like it,had no problems with lagg and only a few disconnections,well worth £20 from he sore

Majors3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I also think this game is well worth the £20 asking price. This game is NOT a Rambo game tho... You have to communicate with your team and work as a team to get the most out of it.
Ive had no problems with it so far with no lag or log outs and it deserves a better score than a 6.2, I would give it around the 8 mark.

ClydeRadcliffe3552d ago

doh! i just hit agree to the above poster by accident

I think theres definitely a 2 point swing in SOCOM if you're into that sort of game, but for anyone who isnt I think the 6.2 is about right, remember 6.2 is still slightly above average. It comes down to opinions at the end of the day

Lanontscuz3552d ago

More EU plaayers online this week ..will be logged on 11pm central time whoot!