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darthv723548d ago

games dl from wii vc and saved to sd card playable on the dsi. Have to be saved to regular sd cards though as dsi doesnt have sdhc support....yet.

addnewman3548d ago

does this new wii sd solution mean it suppports sdhc?

N4g_null3548d ago

Is 32 GB high capacity? If you have one get the up date and try it out. It's way faster than any thing I've ever seen on a console. Hell I would mind having games sold on these!

n4f3548d ago

sh!t now that u say it, it indeed fast

N4g_null3547d ago

Yeah every since the N64 had rambus ram in it I knew nintendo was a bunch of high end tech freaks! They learned not to make EVERY one pay for that unnecessary evil though. Notice how 4, 8 and what ever sizes work also. There is absolutely no commitment.

optical disk are cheap when you start thinking about production and distribution cost but solid state whens hands down right now!