ZTGD Review: Empire:Total War

Odion of ZTGD writes: Well here we are, the bleak cold month of March (for some of us) and if we needed another reason to say inside, it just came in the form of Empire: Total War. This new addition to the acclaim series by Creative Assembly, takes last year's smash hit Gears of War 2 line and really delivers on the "Bigger, Better, and more Badass then ever!" Where before the series mostly focused on Europe on this one they unleash the world, allowing you to take on the America's, India, the Middle East, and faithful Europe. After countless hours of playing the game I am beyond confident in saying this, Empire Total is one of the best PC games to come out in a long time, and will stand as one of the marquee titles of 2009.

+ Amazing graphics
+ Massive Battles
+ Tons of gameplay options and replayability
+ Future multiplayer could be amazing

- Requires a beefy system
- AI can be hit or miss
- Does come with several game crashing bugs

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