Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Is 50% Off On Steam

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway has just been revealed as the Ubisoft daily deal for Steam. Until 12 PM EST on Thursday, purchasing BoA:HH will cost 50% less.

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cyguration3555d ago

Did the game tank that badly that the 50% sale would come so fast?

EvilCackle3555d ago

Actually, yeah, I think it did. Valve's noted a huge uptick in sales when a game's discounted on their service, though, so this'll probably cause a bump.

Elven63555d ago

It sold really badly, if the Aliens rumors are true and they can't find a new project, their future is pretty gloomy.

ChampIDC3555d ago

I'm sure this is one of the bigger "get it when it's cheap" games of last year, so this is a good chance for them to get a little bit more out of it.

terrandragon3555d ago

What a terrible excuse for multiplayer, I'm sorry but come on.

Elven63555d ago

The cover mechanic in multiplayer was pretty fun