OXM UK: Stormrise Review

OXM UK writes: "Releasing a sci-fi strategy game within weeks of Halo Wars is a bit like dressing up as a clown and performing cartwheels in your garage while the circus is in town. No matter how floppy your shoes or how many custard pies to the face you can take, no-one's going to come and see you, man.

That said, Stormrise carries quite the pedigree, coming from the developer responsible for the ever-acclaimed Total War historical strategy games on PC."

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JokesOnYou3403d ago

"the idea is you nudge the Right thumbstick in the approximate direction of the lad in question, or hold it down to wave a sort of laser pointer for finer selection. The camera will jump straight to him, even if he's way off on the other side of the screen"

"It's a very logical idea, and to a certain extent it works very well."

"When it works, you'll feel like some sort of psychic savant, able to skip across thousands of metres with an almost imperceptible action. When it doesn't - as is too often the case, we're sorry to report - you'll suffer an important unit being thumped to death because you keep whipping over to something useless on the other side of the map whenever you try to select him."

"Perhaps it's partly the inevitable side effect of trying to reinvent the wheel, and partly it's a matter of presentation - Stormrise's major failing."

-So basicly it seems this review suggests that Stormrise had some great ideas but they are executed poorly within the gameplay....which just goes to show how tough it is to make the RTS contols on a console work well, however this is just one site opinion, I'm interested to see how the rest of the reviews will turn out= we need more intuitive RTS's on consoles.