VG247 LIVE from the Iwata opening keynote

VG247: This is it! Steph's in line for Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's keynote at GDC in San Francisco, which will starting at 9.00am PST. That's 4.00pm GMT.

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Vahn163555d ago

Hoping for something huge! Can't wait for this thing to get underway!

ChickeyCantor3555d ago

He will announce motion plus for the nunchuck =D
...seriously though i hope he announces the price...

heroicjanitor3555d ago

who thinks motion plus should be free? It's basically a firmware update, but using hardware because of how limited their ability for upgrades to wiimotes is.

heroicjanitor3555d ago

A storage solution, does this mean eventually we will get things to put on it? My life as king doesn't take up much space on my wii so this must mean more content is coming