Retro Reunion: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SNES

Gamer Limit Writes: ""Its morphin' time!"

14 years ago those words used to send shivers down my spine, listening to them yesterday just made me queasy. Nowadays the Power Rangers suck more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but back then, if you liked the Power Rangers you were the coolest kid on the block. It's time to look to the past and see the origin of the Power Rangers"

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chrisjc3555d ago

OMG dude I remember this game. No Goldar FTL though!

Cloud-14093555d ago

I always found Goldar to be kind of annoying. :/

Fullish3554d ago

You need to embed the theme songs, so it plays when we load the article.

Clance3555d ago

Also, so true about repetitive episodes!

cherrycreamsauce3555d ago

Omg what about the movie game? It even had the same first level as the game featured here; but it had Ivan Ooze at the end!

haha going back to find the movie in a bargain bin.

TheColbertinator3555d ago

I recall that show.Good times as a tyke

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