Official Fight Night Round 4 character list

Half of the 40 playable characters -- including Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson -- have been confirmed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 boxing game Fight Night Round 4. The game will be released on June 30th, 2009.

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mintaro3527d ago

Almost certain that they'll add Diego Corrales.

BrunoM3527d ago

The list of playable characters in alphabetical order:

1. Arturo Gatti
2. Bernard Hopkins
3. Emanuel Augustus
4. Floyd Patterson
5. George Foreman
6. Jermain Taylor
7. Joe Frazier
8. Julio César Chávez
9. Larry Holmes
10. Lennox Lewis
11. Manny Pacquiao
12. Mike Tyson
13. Muhammad Ali
14. Ricky Hatton
15. Rocky Marciano
16. Roy Jones, Jr.
17. Shane Mosley
18. Sergio Mora
19. Sugar Ray Leonard
20. Thomas Hearns
21. Tommy Morrison
22. Victor Ortíz
23. Vinny Pazienza
24. Winky Wright

Those are all the characters that have been revealed so far. Who else do you think they should add?

Flipgeneral3527d ago

He probably asked for a ridiculous amount of money.
But what's a boxing game without Floyd Mayweather Jr??

Chubear3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

That's not a complete list so... there are supposed to be 40 fighters, they've only listed 28 or so.

Crazyglues3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

No! Floyd Mayweather Jr... you can't be serious...

I don't care if he asked for a Maybach... you give it to him..

I mean how can you make a game that is suppose to show the sweet science of boxing and not have one of it's greatest to ever put on the gloves... are you serious?

I have always hated that about fight night, no Floyd.

Come on'

Crazyglues3527d ago

Do I need to give you part 2... LoL

Crazyglues3527d ago

Maybe you still need to see more..

Crazyglues3527d ago

how in the world is the ref, going to say, "don't hit him in the body"... this is boxing, that's what you do... LoL

That ref should be fired.

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QSPR3527d ago

Tito Trinidad and Miguel Cotto????

ALItheWISE3526d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth.

WHere are the Puerto Rican boxers????????????????

J-Rock2813527d ago

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Diego Corrales aren't in this's a rent.

OOG3527d ago

cant wait... good summer game to have... finally games all year round is catching on lol

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