Ideas that'll make Killzone 3 a masterpiece writes: "Let's get one thing straight: we loved Killzone 2. It scored an impressive 9/10 in our review. So good was Sony's PlayStation 3 exclusive FPS that we called it "the best looking game ever made - a jaw dropping graphical showcase from start to finish". High praise indeed. But that doesn't mean we want developer Guerrilla to rest on its laurels for the inevitable follow-up. And just to give it a head start, just in case it's suffering an unwelcome mental block or a bout of burnout, we thought we'd knock our heads together and lend the developer some help. Hence, our Top 10: Ideas that'll make Killzone 3 a masterpiece feature. Read on, and let us know what ideas you've got for Killzone 3. Oh, and be warned, there are spoilers ahead."

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RadientFlux3552d ago

I would love it if Killzone3 took the perspective of the Helghast. Mostly because we haven't been told much about their side of the storyline. Though I think Guerrilla is happy enough to paint the Helghast as future nazi's.

For the third game I just hope they get rid of Rico, I hated him through out the entire game and his one dimensional commentary. I must have shot him multiple times just in hopes of killing him.

redsquad3552d ago

It would be cool to play as the Helghast in SP, but I think I'd prefer to do it in some form of add-on/expansion pack (alá HL: OPPOSING FORCES) rather than the main game.

DixieNormS3552d ago

Its just like how Halo 2 got ruined by playing as the elite. Not cool, but as an expansion it will be okay. I hope they make the mp maps a little more open. To many hallways in this one.

thor3552d ago


Maybe everybody else had a different take on the story, or they viewed it in a typical light. In any case, it wasn't properly explored.

Rico was MEANT to be annoying. He beats a guy to death, causes the death of your squadmate and of visari through his recklessness. His character made me think who the bad guys really were. When he goes on about the Helghast as though they are "monsters" or however he puts it, it's shocking to see him treating them the same way they treat the ISA. This is also evident when he's having a go at the innocent, civilian train driver.

Unfortunately the game never seemed to question which side was right, and continued in the whole good guys vs. bad guys vein. Which is a real shame. They should have shown the human side of the Helghast a bit more. "Future nazis" is how they were ultimately portrayed, you are right, but I don't think that's the route they should have taken, considering how Rico's character was set up etc.

talltony3552d ago

to have more online ranks and i want the whole game to run at 60 frames per second. For single player I want a deeper narrative that will make me care more about sev and what happens to him. And more types of Helghast that sound different and say different things. I know killzone 3 will set the bar again.

IcarusOne3552d ago

Agree with all of them, though - not surprisingly - I take issue with the notion of Killzone 2 having the best graphics ever. Period. Having played it twice, having put it beside Gears 2, having played through RE5, I disagree. I'll admit, I'm not entirely objective, but anyone who blindly claims that KZ2 (or any game for that matter) is the best looking EVER is on some fanboy crack.

KZ does lighting and motion insanely well. It's a joy to watch it move, run, jump, die, etc. But seriously, given how much of the game you spend behind cover, the textures could have come up a few notches. And the draw distance is a bit jerky - at 6 feet I get a low quality model, and 5 feet I get full res. And speaking of character models, seriously people. Put Sev, Rico, Garza, any of these guys up against Dom or Marcus or Chris or Sheva and they pale in comparison.

But getting back on topic, Sony certainly has not realized their 1080p promise (with a few exceptions, namely MGS4).

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Muggles3552d ago

Some good ideas here, especially co-op, fully destructible environments, and native 1080P support.

Beg For Mercy3552d ago

dont think they should add a 3rd faction cause then people would say that its rippin off halo to much for what they did with the flood.

Bits-N-Kibbles3552d ago

+ bubbles

They have a huge timline on why F that up with another faction. Things are not black and white, good and bad like some may think, the helgast were cheated and forced to live on the planet and forced into conflict. This is a realistic situation with politics, unlike Evil vs the Good.

terrandragon3551d ago

Almost everything is a ripoff, buddy.

Nineball21123552d ago

I'll get flamed for this, but I don't care.

Great, fantastic game. Controls suck.

When I feel more pissed off than enjoyment when playing a game, then it ceases to be fun.

Love the different levels in SP, love the multiplayer, hate the unresponsive controls.

dj555555553552d ago

then the game isnt for you

Nineball21123552d ago

@ djpolofish... yeah, I'm figuring that out.

Anon19743552d ago

Currently, I'm the only one of my friends that have Killzone 2. Most of my other buddies said "Tried the demo but didn't like the controls and the feel of the guy. It was like walking through jello. Couldn't it have been more like Call of Duty?"
Then they all went back to playing Call of Duty. My advice to them was "First off. It's not Call of Duty. Once you get over that very simple fact there's lots to love about this game."

I hope they give it a try because there is lots to love about this game. I know I'm having a blast with it, but I'll's not for everyone.

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JayX6663552d ago

take those spider/bugs and make them bigger with more petrucide involvement... it would be awsome. picture it, 4 heavy helghasts, a tank and 15 helghast storm across, your thinking what do i do?! then BAAAAAAM big electric bug smashes through the ground :D

crematory3552d ago


ikiru33853552d ago

but that would make it sound like Starship Troopers. :-(

xabmol3551d ago

That would be really cool and add more enemy variation. It would be nice to see a little more "Sci-Fi" in KZ3.

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