GDC 09 / Day two debrief (TVGB)

TVGB: "..the closing events, which I have already given you all the goods on, Tecmo and inFamous. Tecmo was admittedly underwhelming. I feel like, having announced the title a good while prior to the announcement itself, they had stolen their own thunder. It was just plain baffling. The smaller detail of online coop was a lot more appealing to me, which I briefly discussed with our own Dennis Lesica. Basically, he saw right through my facade of improving upon a starting-to-get-tired gameplay formula by letting you slice up enemy ninjas with a partner by pointing out that said partner will have massive… massive massive assets. Progress in the physics engine is yet to be seen. inFamous was after having returned to the Sony lounge, where all screens formerly showing PSN games were ALL on this game. It was fun, and gave me hope, but I still feel compelled to get a little more thorough and try out the other levels on display. I hope all the best again. I mean hey… the more good games, the merrier we gamers are."

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