IncGamers: Sonic and the Black Knight Review

IncGamers looks at Sega's latest Sonic offering.

"Remember the good old days when Sonic didn't speak? When a new Sonic title meant fast-paced platforming heaven and not a gimmicky 3D affair with a cast of lame characters? We do. And we miss them."

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thetamer3379d ago

That's a little bit racist, don' tyou thinkg?

Leord3379d ago

About hedgehogs as a race? =)

syrinx3379d ago

I have to say I saw the TV ads for this and it really does look arse.

Leord3379d ago

Do the ads go on UK tv? Do you have a youtube clip of it or something?

Leord3379d ago

Sonic has a voice? Ug...

Fyzzu3379d ago

Has done since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, I think. Probably earlier, as I imagine Sonic R had a few voice clips and so on. And that's without mentioning the cartoons...

Sadly, he's never had a voice that makes you feel anything other than a desire to try and burst your eardrums with a chopstick.

ChampIDC3378d ago

At least Sonic Adventure didn't blow, though. Sonic can have all the voice he wants, as long as he goes black to his bloody roots.

Fyzzu3379d ago

Wow. This looks DIRE.

ChickeyCantor3378d ago

It actually looks way better than the first one on the Wii and this one gets a slap in the face.

Some reviewers actually liked it....I say try it?

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