PlayStation 3 firmware 2.7 coming 'in April'

Eurogamer writes: "Sony plans to launch PlayStation 3 firmware 2.7 "in April", according to a pair of developers speaking to Eurogamer anonymously.

Speculation about new firmware intensified overnight after vg247 reported it was imminent, and Insomniac's James Stevenson implied that it would be required for a new Resistance 2 patch to work."

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Raoh3499d ago

great. so nothing but firmware rumors and posts for the next few weeks.

i sometimes hate gaming news.

onenut3499d ago

holy crap man, can't you get your stories straight on this damm site it's ridiculous, is it imminent or is it in April? phock!!!! get conformations before you post confusing articles. give me a job at N4G, i can post crap just as easily as this goof.

Dimly3499d ago

I didn't know about any impending firmware

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