Xbox 360 and DS motion controllers detailed

GDC 2009: Mo-control specialist shows off latest peripherals...

Motion-controlled gaming peripherals specialists Performance Design Products have unveiled two new controllers at GDC this week – a Wii Remote style stick for the Xbox 360 and a bizarre-looking chunky pen-style controller for the Nintendo DS.

TechRadar has been aware of the development of the Xbox 360's "Gametrak Freedom" ultrasonic 3D motion sensing tech for some time now, along with the first game that will work with the device, called Squeeballs.

Squeeballs is described by PDP as "a collection of over 150 unique challenges that showcases the capabilities of the controller… players can blow up, cook, slice, bat, bowl, shoot and bounce the Squeeballs with greater accuracy than is capable with any other controller."

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peeps3525d ago

was thinking the same lol atleast the wii allows u 2 wave your arms around in the comfort of your own home haha

Zeus Lee3525d ago

Sounds mighty Mini-Game-ish to me

Kamikaze1353525d ago

First the casual games, then the Mii rip offs, the Wii channel shaped dashboard, and now the motion controller? Man, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft changed the name of the marketplace to the 360 Shop Channel.

Kushan3525d ago

This has nothing to do with Microsoft, you clearly didn't read the article, so go troll elsewhere.

blind-reaper3525d ago

remember the Wii60??? well aparently they were not joking.

Dont BE mAdd3525d ago

better be bundled or it wont sell like wii sports

peeps3525d ago

the thing is, this is a 3rd party peripheral. Will there actually be games for the 360 that just use this motion controller though... i mean it all works well on the wii cus thats the standard control... + surely devs working on a motion controlled 'casual' game would pick the wii anyway? since thats where the auidience is

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