Thunderbolt Review: Ceville

Thunderbolt writes: "In videogames, there always exists the compulsion to be evil. We can't replicate these actions in real life, so we take it to the extreme by murdering scores of policeman with a tank in Grand Theft Auto, commanding an army of pint-sized thugs in Overlord, creating a feared master of darkness in Oblivion or drowning our little people in the swimming pool we just attached to their mansion in The Sims. Hey, escapism is one of the primary reasons we engage in almost any activity, and hammering out real-life frustrations by abusing our power has only been realised with the advent of gaming as a viable entertainment medium. Ceville flips this concept a little on its head. Yes, one assumes control of the bad guy, which admittedly is not all too common to see in an established universe, but we don't actually get to be particularly bad."

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