Eurogamer: inFamous Hands On

Last year was all about the battle of the band games, as Rock Band went head-to-head with Guitar Hero. Things will be different in 2009 - unless Activision decides to release a Rolling Stones game, but that's another story. This year, it's time for a superhero showdown as Radical's Prototype takes on inFamous, a PS3 exclusive from Sucker Punch.

The context is different, as there's no history of franchise-swapping here. However, the content is remarkably similar. inFamous stars a white male hero in his twenties, who wakes up to find the big US city he lives in has descended into chaos. He also learns he's acquired some mysterious superpowers. In Prototype, set in a big US city that recently descended into chaos, the hero, who is white, male and about 25, awakens to learn he has acquired some superpowers, which are mysterious.

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MURKERR3407d ago

good i may get that also (thats the good thing about multiplats)

GamerPS3603407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I just have good feeling about this game. I don't know much about this game and I am keeping it that way but this is my next buy on my list.
As far as prototype goes, I am not sure how that will turn out but I didn't like multiple powers. I rather expert one power. What can I say, I can't handle complicated games :D

himdeel3407d ago

...kind of giving me the same sense of anticipation that I got from the Killzone 2 hands on I read about for months and months before it's release. Seems Sucker Punch is just polishing this game now, sounds familiar :). I'm going to stick to this over Prototype since you mentioned it. I'm trying very diligently to only purchase exclusives disc based PS3 games when I can. I'd like to go on record and say I expect this game to get solid 9s - 90% scores all around.

josephat843407d ago

They like to nitpick and every little thing. Just because a chinese food carton doesn't blow up (this is not the final build mind you) they have to piss on the whole game. From every other journalist's hands-on preview, they say that it's awesome. Billy, from G4, said that it feels better climbing buildings and moving around than it does in Assassin's Creed. THAT IS HUGE in my opinion. I loved just climbing the buildings in that game. I also have a feeling about this game. I just think that it's going to be great.