Alan Wake developer(s) at San Francisco (GDC possible)

Earlier today a staff member from the developers of Alan Wake posted a message on their own forums. One of the members asked "how is the weather over there" assuming that he was at GDC.

MarkusRMD a staff member from Remedy Entertaiment answered:
"Oh, San Francisco is sunny but a bit chilly in the evenings"

As we all know, GDC is at San Francisco. Could these really be the moment we have waited for? Or just a tease?


New Interview:

Check it out!

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AnttiApina3527d ago

Here is the post:

I am pretty sure it's going to be shown.

HighDefinition3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

They better be. Should be cool to see ALOT of footage from it.

highfoot3527d ago

Well, developers goes to GDC without having an announcement to make you know. But it could be true that they are going to, we have to wait and see.

SL1M DADDY3527d ago

Don't just bring another tech demo. Show us some game play!

crazy-eyez-killah3527d ago

They are game developers, it would make sense they would go to a game developers conference.. Doesn't mean they will show anything - I doubt they will until at least E3. I hope I am wrong though.

JeffGUNZ3527d ago

I think they will reveal Alan wake at GDC with a release date this year. I think at E3, this "Dark Corners" talk from Gears 2 is going to be a down loadable expansion for Gears 2, just like GTA did. I hope not, because EPIC has ruined Gears 2, but I wouldn't put it past the greed of microsoft and EPIC.

sonarus3527d ago

Circumstantial evidence off a forum post is not news. There are tons of developers that go to GDC since its a DEVELOPERS conference. The presence of ONE alan wake developer doesn't confirm or deny anything so it doesn't stand as news

Lifendz3527d ago

and I know most 360 owners are as well.

himdeel3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

...I waited for Alan Wake to come to the house and say, "Hi!" or at least let me know how he was doing. And now that I don't have a 360 anymore he's basically decided to stop by take me out to dinner and pay for the meal but I'm away on vacation :(

I really want to see some gameplay. @ Lifendz some non-360 owners are excited too.

IcarusOne3527d ago

How did Epic ruin Gears 2?

Brock Danger3527d ago

Hows was Gears 2 ruined? Kind of a ridiculous thing to say.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33526d ago

Easy - Gears1 was a hell of a lot more fun than gears2. Gears2 feels like it has too much influence from Unreal Tournament, its so random, especially with all the crazy weapons they introduced.

In Gears1 the gameplay was just better. There was more cat and mouse action going on, more strategy. The map design complemented the gameplay so much better.

The new Gears just feels like a spamfest, the servers are feel more unstable, and the game modes are annoying. Plus there is just something about the graphics that seem off. They're just too busy, like its trying to hard to be flashy.

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bullswar3527d ago

I waited for it so long ... I don't want this game anymore. Even if it gets 9.8, I wont buy it. Damn if I would have waited this long for Eva Mendez, she woul've been my girlfriend ... lollll.

1 HiT KiLLZ3527d ago

Nar it's not gonna happen. I think our dear Alan is still sleeping. Better wait till E3 xbasement girls.

BX813527d ago

Although kind of funny to see you spell in a 2nd grade manner, I highly doubt you kick anyones a$$ in real life. If this was the case you would be talking trash to someone in the real world, not the net. Good luck with tracing the letters in class with the fat crayon.

JeffGUNZ3527d ago

First off, your spelling is awful and you still use "lol". Second, you're obviously some nerdy teenager who gets picked on a lot, due to the fact you try to sound tough on an online message board. Lastly, you clearly have no life if you use this site just for trolling. I mean come on, if you're not interested in real video gaming news, then why waste time to; A) Make an account, B) Post comments, C) Add a user pick. Grow up.

QSPR3527d ago

you guys get this game (yes I'm a PS3 fanboy) but this game looks good and I hope M$ bring new Ip's and some nice XLA games for the fight.

we know PS3 has a nice line up for 09, waiting for M$ and Ninti. this console war is GREAT!!! the best of all times

poeo3527d ago

it's NOT that great if you dont own all of the consoles... i personally have missed quite a lot of good games and it makes me sad :(

QSPR3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

to own all 3 consoles but been bored of my Wii and give it to my nephew and my 360 die 2 times and 1 disc error. but all consoles are great and if you can see this gen Micro and Sony are fighting real hard for the second place and this fight is not over and I think (for me) both are #1.. well Ninti is another story.... but soon I'm gonna get another 360 and myabe a Wii.

mesh13527d ago

i like hereing how ppl are sayin gps3 has a nice lineup for 09 haha there are no games for ps3 in 09 except killzone 2 which has been re;eased already. dont evwen try and say god of war 3 as that 2010 confirmed

1 HiT KiLLZ3527d ago

Hahaha tipical delusional xbot turd. Keep that M$ c*ck infested mouth shut and bend over for billy boy.

Chrisy3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Well to be fair they count the individual AAA KZ2 reviews from IGN, gamespot, real games.

You know like:

KZ2 IGN AAA review = 1 AAA PS3 game for 09
KZ2 Gamespot review = another AAA PS3 game for 09

This is what happens when you company of choice only delivers 1 decent game every 3 years. After years of failure they have absolutely no more options but to fake and bluff how their lineup is superior yet its as bleak as PS3 07 and 08.

Anyways should be awsome. Sadly Max Payne3 will suffer quality wise without Remedy

JeffGUNZ3527d ago

So do you try to sound that nerdy, or is that actually the way you speak?

1 HiT KiLLZ3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

LOL @ ^^^

Dude i just love getting you [email protected] riled up. You nerds make it too easy. I kick loosers like you a$$ on a weekly basis. This place is just a luagh-a-minute place for me lol.

Chrisy3527d ago

The hillbilly selfowned himself:\ He makes a perfect N4G sony [email protected]

heyheyhey3527d ago

you all sound like morons.... especially mesh1, the guy still hasn't learned how to spell or read

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