New inFamous GDC Screenshots

GamersDigest writes;

"Sony today released some new images for the upcoming PS3 exclusive by Sucker Punch, inFamous.

The screens range from showing the karma system in action, to the UI, and of course blowing stuff up."

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RedMist113320d ago

Damn this game looks good.

Kain813320d ago

and Think about a ps3 exclusive GTA5

bob saget remix3320d ago

Its going to be a fun summer game

akaFullMetal3320d ago

can't wait for this
also the new trialer looked awesome

u got owned3320d ago

WOW, that trailer looked awesome. I really want this game now.

micro_invader3319d ago

Hot damn, and that was all in-game! Sucker Punch sure know how to make a trailer.

Qorious3319d ago

The trailer looks really good and so do these screenshots!

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