PS3 Breeding Game Getting Sequel

Kotaku Writes:
Record of Agarest War, released in 2007, is a PS3 breeding RPG. And breeding means doing it - and what did that mean?

Not that much. Anyway, the game has a "Soul Breed" system in which players must capture the heart of the game's heroines so that they can create their successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's shown. Afterwards the new successor is revealed and his stats are even based on the heroine you select for breeding.

The game is getting a sequel, Record of Agarest War ZERO, which is out this June. It's set a thousand years before the previous title. As with the previous title, there's an in-game DNA mechanism. The "Soul Blend System" mixes character trends and features when producing off-spring.

Seventy percent of the game has been developed reports Famitsu. There's banana eating and cat ears.

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FreestyleBarnacle3549d ago

I feel I must approve this for the banana eating and cat ears.

Chris Hansen3549d ago

Why don't you have a seat, right over there.

Chris3993549d ago

It's a decent game, VERY kanji heavy though. Graphics are cleaner and higher-res than Disgaea. I wish we would get this in North America, but "breeding" and "tentacle" type games have little to no chance of getting published here.

Who knows, maybe NIS will go completely off their cracker this year and publish this and Tears to Tiara. (A really great little SRPG, tentacles aside :) )