Stormrise Review - "Innovation and frustration tango before your eyes" - @ Gameplayer

Gameplayer has just gone live with one of the first reviews of innovative futuristic RTS game Stormrise, which is made by Creative Assembly. A pretty funny examination that shows a game left wanting.

"Ever lose something under the fridge? Trying to get it back is no fun at all. It's hard to see what's under there, and almost impossible to reach. And thanks to its colossal weight, moving the fridge itself is a pain. If it's five cents, or something equally inconsequential, you don't even bother. It's easier to wait until you move house, at which point you uncover $6.30 in change - and fifty old roach baits. Trying to move your units around in Stormrise is like trying to reach a coin that's rolled all the way to the back."

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hippo243371d ago

What do reviewers want?
Halo wars got marked down for being to straightforward and simplistic.
While stormrise gets marked down for not?
I am ever so confused.