Namco's 3D Xbox and PS3 game detailed

GDC 2009: Blitz Games beating Hollywood in the race to 3D...

Blitz Games has been showcasing its impressive 3D gaming technology at the Games Developers' Conference in San Francisco this month.

TechRadar was treated to an in-depth demo of the technology and we can vouch for two things: firstly, it works; secondly, it works.

We'll bring you our in-depth interview with the guys behind what could well be one of the next major tech advances in gaming later this month...

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Kushan3555d ago

"Note that, as yet, there is no firm confirmation that this title will ever see the light of day outside of Blitz's studio up in Leamington."

I hope it does, it sounds interesting.

REALgamer3555d ago

I'd love to play a game designed from the ground up for 3D.

As long as the gameplay isn't overlooked during development, of course.

Montrealien3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Well then, check out this gem, you can get it now of Ebay I`m sure. It was built from the ground up to be a 3D game ;D

Rip-Ridah3555d ago

It would be great to experience some of our favorite franchises in 3D. Maybe not all titles could benefit from 3D, but I think that it could be a huge factor in immersing the gamer into the game world. Every genre could be made more intense. I say bring it on.


poeo3555d ago

Elder Scrolls V in 3D.

imagine that. (or insert another, highly-immersive game series favorite of yours :P)

Hallucinate3555d ago

killzone 2 in 3d would be one hell of a ride

Montrealien3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Man are we in 1995 again? I got a PS1 because it was the best console for 3D games at the time lol. Last time I checked all Elder Scrolls where in 3d and so was Killzone 1 and 2.

oh you guys mean glass wearing 3D, ugh..

poeo3555d ago

i have a feeling you will be eating your words sometime in the future :P

sure the glasses might make you look like a chump (as if people look "cool" sitting in front of a videogame console anyway..), but it WILL make games more immersive, i would bet on it.

Montrealien3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I was more playing at the Irony of the term 3D in gaming, it`s so over used. Wipeout on my PS1 played on my 37` Trinitron 12 years ago was very immerssive, no glasses needed. Look at the Sega commercial, I was joking around, rightly so also imho.

I`m sure it will be cool and the ugh was in response to the very old Sega glasses.

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commodore643555d ago

Or do those screenshots look like a ps2 game?

Just as well that the technology:
1. works and
2. works.

Fishy Fingers3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Well it isn't technically a "game". It isnt confirmed to ever release outside of their studio. It's more a tech demo to show off the technology.

Plus, games must run at 1080p, 120 FPS so I wouldnt expect any 3D games with visuals to rival top titles. At least not for a few years.

heyheyhey3555d ago


Invincible Tiger is not just a tech demo, it's a real game coming to PSN and XBLA later in the year

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The story is too old to be commented.