Tales of Vesperia Coming to EU/PAL Regions

GamersDigest writes;

"NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe today announced that acclaimed role-playing title Tales of Vesperia is heading to Europe and PAL regions in June 2009 for the Xbox 360."

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gaffyh3224d ago

But June 2009 is a ridiculous amount of time, Star Ocean 4 is meant to have a similar release in EU and that only came out a month ago.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3223d ago

Namco chose the wrong console to put JRPGs this gen. Let's see what happens next-gen when all the sequels to their games come out, who's gonna care? The 100,000 that bought the originals? Microsoft won't even have to pay a big fee next-time, what a brilliant move.

RKRigney3223d ago

Actually, Cookie, Vesperia and PS3 exclusive Valkyria Chronicles sold about the same (over 300,000). Looks like neither console is selling RPGs like hotcakes, but they have respectably sized fanbases

3224d ago
free3sixty3224d ago

SO4 is also comming in June :/

SpoonyRedMage3224d ago

At least we finally get it!

Microsoft Xbox 3603224d ago

YAY! New 360 exclusives!.....

........for other territories. lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.