El33tonline: SOCOM: Confrontation Review (PS3)

The SOCOM franchise was one of the jewels in the PlayStation 2's crown, with no fewer than three critically acclaimed and popular instalments. Widely praised for its deep, tactical gameplay, the SOCOM games were also almost solely responsible for multiplayer gaming on Sony's last-generation wonder. Needless to say, the series' first entry on the PlayStation 3 has been hotly anticipated. Released in North America last October, SOCOM: Confrontation sold well but met with a chilly critical reception, mostly due to the large number of technical deficiencies and bugs which, in some cases, even rendered the game unplayable.

With the game finally seeing a release in PAL territories this month, most of the technical hassles have fortunately been ironed out. So, was SOCOM: Confrontation worth waiting for? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not quite 'yes.' While Confrontation is a competent and enjoyable game, both long-time SOCOM fans and newcomers to the series will be disappointed to find it a remarkably un-ambitious title that simply doesn't do enough to stand out from the crowd.

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Socomer 19793224d ago

I'm talking about the sound effect & the proximty mic.
these features stand out the most.
For example, if a enemy or teamate is far away or close by, you can hear them in your speakers & accuratly distinguish where they are.
Two of the most frightening sounds you'll hear is a enemy warning his team that he is throwing a grenade & when you hear a grenade explode.
Its amazing to hear gunshots speak war on the battlefield.
With enough practice, you can tell the difference to what weapon is being discharged & count thier bullets.
A useful tactic in a shootout.

I feel the score is well deserved because of socoms plain presentation & minor glitches like holding x to switch shoulders & shadows being seen through walls & floors. Yet so much attention to detail is happening in socom
like the actual gameplay & soundwork. If you loved ghost recon, rainbow 6, gears of war & metal gear online you are gonna like socom.