The first screens from Hannah Montana: The Movie

The first screens from Hannah Montana: The Movie popped up on the internet

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Kingsora3499d ago

Haha this looks terrible :P

trpride3499d ago

It looks ok, the game however is prolly going to be crap

Acidicpack3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

This will be the best movie with a game tie in ever I CANT WAIT!!!!
I may just buy a copy so a can burn it and then have my dog take a crap on it.


Jamegohanssj53499d ago

I'm not even going to lie the game doesn't look that bad. Billy Ray and Miley look like themselves that's saying a lot. For some reason I have the tingly feeling in me telling me to pick this game up. I'd be like the elite because I am the only one to own this game. When I get a job and it drops aboot 20 bucks I may pick it up.

Best graphics this generation btw.

I know where I stand
I know who I am
I will never run away when life gets bad it's
Everything I see
Every part of my
Gonna get what I deserve
I got nerve

I doubt I'll go see the movie though. ROFL!


ZuperAmazingCooKie3499d ago

for PS3, 360 and PSP? No sane parent is gonna shell out hundreds of dollars just for a hannah montana low quality toy software and hardware that is mostly oriented towards the 18-35 male crowd.

The trees look sh1tty but the rest looks OK. It does have a few next-gen elements like the character models (average, not bad). The gameplay seems all about mini-games and socializing with teens.

This game is probably gonna get slammed by reviewers though. Is there any reviewer in the target demographic for this game, or will any reviewer review it with its target demo in mind?

The developers of this are either too brave or too greedy. Which will be the definitive version anyway?

uie4rhig3499d ago

you might wanna rethink that.. some kids are sooo spoiled.. they'll get anything from their parents lol

and very misleading title.. i was gonna comment "how does the movie relate to gaming" only to find out this is about the game of the movie lol..

but but.. awesome game.... if i was a 10 year old kid lolol..

SinnedNogara3498d ago

Wasn't Miley Cyrus arrested for putting porn on the internet???

Oh well, I didn't watch the trailer (I didn't want it to burn my eyes) but this is going to be terrible.

You want to know what this game is going to end up.


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Microsoft Xbox 3603499d ago

Looks like the type of game the typical 360 fanboy would enjoy.

Eiffel3499d ago

The sad part is at least one person we all know may buy this.

PirateThom3499d ago

Can't wait for the comparisons on this one.

GiantEnemyFlop3499d ago

this is the only game i will be happy if the 360 have the superior version loll

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