GDC 2009: Nintendo's Iwata Keynote LiveBlog

1up Writes:

"Join 1UP's Jeremy Parish at 9AM PST, Weds., March 25 for all your first GDC 2009 keynote announcements, impressions, and observations, coming to you live from the conference hall."

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kewlkat0073548d ago

Probably how Nintendo is smashing the competition and the introduction of some new game that will sell millions.

Gotta give it to Nintendo.

gaffyh3548d ago

What time is this in GMT? Anyone know?

gaffyh3548d ago

Cheers, bubbles +, lol I got a disagree for asking a question.

Conan9973548d ago

probably a 'I don't know' disagree.

Lucreto3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

It will be interesting to hear what he will say.

Iwata- Due to the decrease demand for the Wii we will milk Zelda and Mario again to rake in the money of our demoralized Hardcore games.

jjesso19933548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

SDHC compatible in wii menu 4.0 just anounced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Can launch content directly from SD card.