GoNintendo 'End Of Day' Thoughts: Cort's Water Warfare Impressions

GoNintendo Writes:

"In some ways, it has a lot in common with another recent Hudson title, Onslaught, in that it aims to be a kind of pick up and play first person game, and appeal to a wider audience as is a typical tenet behind many of their titles. It's also a WiiWare release, so it'll be both affordable and have a smaller footprint than a full retail game; at least on your shelf. What makes this unique is that with an E10+ rating, it eschews the typical ammunition and violence for some younger fun with a variety of squirt guns. Instead of bleeding or regenerating health over time, your "health" is measured by how soaked you are, and as your clothing dries, your health improves. Your ranking even affects how fast your evaporation factor. Clever, I think."

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