Microsoft: It's not as if we're doing something like Halo Kart

Xbox games head Phil Spencer told EDGE:
"With Halo Wars, we thought we had an interesting story, an interesting universe, and we were trying to find ways that we could expose that world to more people, maybe people who aren't dual-thumb capable,"

"It's not as if we're doing something like Halo Kart. That doesn't seem to move us forward with the IP."

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marison3256d ago

I hope they include all Microsoft first party franchises in the mix, too!

All two of them!

artgamer3256d ago

Microsoft doesn't have any first party franchises, not enough for a decent kartgame atleast

Shadow Flare3256d ago

"it's not as if we're doing halo kart" but you've done halo soda, so.....

SCThor3256d ago

hahahaha...good one buddy, you make may day. +bubbles

thereapersson3255d ago

When you're Sony, you can get Quality AND Quantity in one neat little package. :)

DelbertGrady3255d ago

I just threw it in there as a joke. The commenters above me seemed serious with their trolling so. It's such a silly statement since it's completely objective when it comes to games. It's possible to spin it any way you want to.

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andron6663256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

I give it about 5-6 years before they start milking the Halo franchise for it's last drops. Only a question of time... LOL

It's inevitable when it comes to gaming sequels, just as in movies...

edgeofblade3255d ago

Why is Microsoft being criticized for things they haven't even done yet... and probably will never do? Halo sucks because Microsoft MIGHT make a Halo Kart game at some unknown date in the future? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

You know, the day Microsoft announces Halo Kart, I will jump on the bandwagon. Until then, the complainers have no legs to stand on whatsoever.

Halo is a military franchise. Shooters and strategy games make sense. Kart racing doesn't...

andron6663255d ago

But you might have to eat your words in 10 years time. Stranger things have happened in gaming...

Panthers3256d ago

I loved the idea of Halo Wars. I hope to play it someday soon. RTS is my favorite genre. It actually takes some thinking. And games where you have a war going on is a great story for RTS games. Especially Halo where you have a plethora of vehicles and unit types.

DelbertGrady3255d ago

I'm hyped about Creative Assembly's Stormrise as well. It looks good and also has controls that are designed especially for consoles.

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DNAgent3256d ago

Next year (probably when the 360 finally gets some games, as they have none this year) they will come out with Halo Kart but it still won't be better than Haz-Matt Carts.

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