Halfbrick to bring four game to Xbox 360 in the next 3 months

A total of four Halfbrick Fridays games will be released within the next three months: Halfbrick Blast Off, Halfbrick Echoes, Halfbrick Thrusts and Halfbrick Zombies.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

YAY! XBLA titles!


II Necroplasm II3377d ago

YAY! let's go on PSN and go play a screensaver called flower

Why o why3377d ago

that 'screen saver' could actually prevent your 360 from red ringing by cooling it down. The point he's trying to make in case it went over your head is that he's looking for full price exclusives not xbl games whether they're good or not. Whether he actually cares is another question though:)

ZuperAmazingCooKie3377d ago

That "screensaver" got great reviews, dipsh1ts.

II Necroplasm II3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Your mom got a great review too.

So shut your little droid ass up and go cry in the corner about your PlayStation getting beat. little trolls

ActionBastard3377d ago

Haha...Flower a screensaver. Well, I'm off to grab the XNA fireplace.

Sez 3377d ago

bubbles for you dude. that was pure ownage. flowers a screensaver.

shocky163377d ago

That was some PURE sonyfanboy OWNAGE there.

Microsoft Xbox 3603377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Is that what you xbots call ownage? All I can say is, Weak! Keep it coming though, it amazes me how much of a d!ckrider (shocky16) an xbot can be towards another. Pure ownage? HA

ActionBastard3377d ago

Is Shocky wearing a blouse? or a little girl's shirt?

heyheyhey3377d ago

aww.. xbots are sad and frustrated that not only is there no good disc exclusives coming out for their POS system, but also no good XBLA titles

while PS3 owners will be getting classics like Fat Princess and Trine... XBLA is pretty dry, and it lost it's most treasured exclusive (Braid)

guess you can't appreciate Flower for what it is, too much testosterone and grunting while playing Gears 2 maybe?

shame, i dont see any original titles on XBLA

ZuperAmazingCooKie3377d ago

Resorting to insulting others' moms is pretty weak. LOL @ Xtards screaming "OWNAGE!!!111". How old are you, Xtards?

@ disagrees, I guess flower didn't get great reviews? poor xtards.

"but teh sales"

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timmyrulz3377d ago

Sorry guys i have to do this - What about halfbricked console?

d0nT wOrrY3377d ago

i heard it got delayed due to the massive exclusive games coming this year to PleaseFixme360 aaahahahaha

Sez 3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

don't know. when is the next ps3 firmware update. lmfao

come dude. was that the best you could do. i mean that was so weak

ah. i think you need to stay in school. if you couldn't understand what i wrote. then 1) you parents did a poor job in raising you, 2) your teacher should loose their job and never be allowed to teach again in life, 3) maybe you need to be on the special bus with all the other retards. i for one and going with number 1 and 3

ActionBastard3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

I'll join Vega with RLFO or LOAM or OLL.

Come dude? English new to you, yes?

Is that "Laugh my fat ass off?" Just curious.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3377d ago

Vega75 just got raped up his "fat ass" by action bastard hahaha

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d0nT wOrrY3377d ago

2009 is the year of x360?


3377d ago
ParanoidMonkey3377d ago

I just knew there was going to be a comment like that, hah.

AllroundGamer3377d ago

everybody knew that, but only one guy had the balls to write that comment :))

Myst3377d ago

Little bit more title variety? Overall I suppose it's well and good 4 titles are at least coming in the next 3 months as they claim, but...Was the halfbrick title needed in all of them :P?

free3sixty3377d ago

PS3 exclusives = good reviews but also good flops.

d0nT wOrrY3377d ago

@ "PS3 exclusives = good reviews but also good flops. "

Fixme360 "Exclusive" (huh?) = bad reviews but also amazing flops.

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