Phil Harrison and Atari's Grand Plan Unveiled

"Before an audience of press, retailers, and developers, Atari's dream team of Phil Harrison and David Gardner told the world how they intended to raise Atari back up to its heights of years past and throw off the shackles of years of poor management and missed opportunities. However, despite the increased optimism being shown by Atari, there was still a great deal of humility expressed and an insistence that this is only the beginning of their plan to see Atari made great again." - from gameplayer.

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xztence3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

If Atari can make spike develop a tenkaichi game on the ps3 and publish that then they will have redeemed themselves.
otherwise im not really familliar with the catalogue they published.

Ghoul3549d ago

jup damn shame he isnt at sony anymore. i kinda liked that bald mans presentations.

SlappingOysters3550d ago

Trying to think of back-cataolgue Atari franchies that could go next-gen - any takers, I can only think of the obvious

CBaoth3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Does Atari still own the rights to the Rush series? The DC version was great.

EDIT: I see that Atari developed the game and Midway published it. Does Midway own the IP and if so, I wonder if it would interest Atari in re-acquiring it since Midway's financial woes appeared. Or is the Test Drive series enough?

Montrealien3549d ago

The Atari you guys seem to be refering to is dead and long gone. Atari Games which made the Rush games was bought by Midway years ago and I doupt they would jump back into that catalogue, its just not them anymore.

Good Times Interactive is the new Atari, and the old one is dead and buried.

SlappingOysters3549d ago

So I wonder who owns the rights to the original atari stuff

Montrealien3549d ago

If you`re refering to the Arcade stuff, Midway does.

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Muggles3549d ago

If anyone can do it, it's Phil Harrison. He seems to have assembled quite the team.

Chris3993549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Atari haven't produced anything relevant for ages now. Just middling software. They even wasted the Dragon Ball Z license, which should have been a cash-cow. Recent failures include Race Pro and Alone in The Dark. Expect more this year.

Phil is a decent guy, but he really should have jumped ship to another company. I don't think that all of his intelligence and charisma can steer Atari from mediocrity.

Edit: If you read through the entire article, you'll see that for all their talk, Atari doesn't really have a clear sense of direction. They're simply aiming to publish a lot of games this year, with software in every genre. It seems like the old: "if you throw enough sh*t at a wall, some of it will stick" strategy.

SonyRulz3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Not sure about the "intelligence" of Harrison...but I agree with your other points.

I picked up on a couple tidbits, that REALLY shows the "direction" Phil Harrison has for this company:

"This perception has only been strengthened recently with the acquisition of Cryptic Studios, developer of City Of Heroes, which, in buying the studio, has also seen Atari steal Xbox 360 and PC MMO Champions Online from under the nose of 2K Games."

"Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Sega Rally and Rez, partnering with Atari through Q Entertainment; and talented studios like Eden (Test Drive Unlimited, Alone In The Dark)"

1.) Phil Harrison WILL NOT allow Champions to remain 360/PC exclusive...even though the PS3 already has it's own MMO's coming. Anything he can do to help Sony, he will; everyone knows how much he hates MS.

2.) The fact that they consider Eden a "talented" studio...even though they've only churned out pure CRAP, tells you how out of touch they are. It was OBVIOUS that Phil though AITD was going to be a huge title, and wanted to use it to show PS3's "superiority" over the 360. So, Eden INTENTIONALLY releases a buggy, unpolished...unFINISHED game for the 360. Then, months later, release the "ultimate" edition for the PS3...with improvements that SHOULD have been a no-brainer to include in the original 360 release...and then smugly announce "there will be no patch for the 360 version". Fortunately, Phil's plan backfired, as the game STILL sucked, and STILL tanked in sales (like MOST games on the PS3). Based on statements from the Ghostbusters dev last year, they'll likely try it again. I'm honestly shocked that Phil didn't help Sony secure Ghostbusters as AT LEAST a timed exclusive for the PS3, since he's still "working" for them. After all, Sony ALREADY owns the right's to the film would've made sense.

So yeah...under Phil Harrison's "direction", Atari isn't going ANYWHERE...except DOWN.

SlappingOysters3549d ago

actually I though the eden games before AIID were really good. Test Drive Unlimited was well ahead of its time.

AIID was balls up craptacular though

coolfool3549d ago

but I don't think I will be helping them. The casual/social/whatever games just isn't my thing. While there is loads of money to be made there I don't think developing games just on the PS3 and 360 will make them that money.