Portable Gamer Review: Phantasy Star Portable

The Portable Gamer writes:

"There will never be another Phantasy Star Online.

The preceding is a self-proclaimed statement I've refused to accept until undertaking review duties for Sega's latest Phantasy Star outing on the Sony PSP. Believe me, a week long internal battle was carried out that delayed this review. And you know, we all scream for updated versions of Goldeneye 64, Final Fantasy VII, and other unforgettable classics from our gaming past. But here's the thing - a truth that is impossibly difficult to embrace - reality never lives up to nostalgia.

As someone who strives to be an objective but not yawn-inducing video game enthusiast, I knew some palate-cleansing had to occur before I put critical words to screen, and for my fellow Phantasy Star junkies in the audience: you're best served heeding the same advice before you venture back into Gurhal, portable style."

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bgrundman3400d ago

Ah, Phantasy Star... Many hours of my life have been stolen by this franchise.

killyourfm3400d ago

Heh. For me? Approximately 121 hours...according to my Dreamcast VMU.

CrAppleton3399d ago

HAHA! That's insane man.. so many hours down the PS drain

supercharger51503399d ago

It's not down the drain... all we've got is time. :P

bgrundman3400d ago

You have got to respect somebody who has been around long enough to appreciate PSO.

Myst3400d ago

Fun game, but miss the old RPGs of the Genesis, Good thing there is the genesis collection :D.

Though I will admit this one is quite different from the gamecube version (Last one that I can even remotely remember playing). A bit of an annoyance to get into and didn't like it TO much as I did the game cube one (Though it may be because I am comparing it to monster hunter) overall though it's a great game and definitely worth it to add to one's PSP library.

Redempteur3399d ago

is a fun game .. i enjoy the PSU universe and the co-op and weapon systeme is fun ( no wonder it sold so well in japan ) ... but i HATE THE PSP STICK i was hard for me to continue playing because i played the others Universe game before and the stick was just a problem ..

otherwise this is a nice review