Portable Gamer Preview: Class of Heroes Hands-On

The Portable Gamer muses:

"I learned at the feet of the original Gameboy (not color, youngster!) and the Final Fantasy cartridges therein. Tetris may have been the one we all had, but Final Fantasy was my game. Graphics were pathetic, sound was blips and beeps, and the dialogue hackneyed, but there was something about traipsing from one story node to the next, figuring out who to talk to and where to venture.

So, of course I grabbed Final Fantasy III for the NDS when it came out. And the world had moved on. I didn't dig it. It didn't capture my admittedly much older imagination. I'd become a victim of the current crop of great graphics and less mechanistic gameplay, not enjoying the game mechanics, job system, or endless traipsing with random battles. I pretty much gave up on the whole JRPG thing at that point.

Fast forward to a week or so ago, and publishers extraordinaire, Atlus, show up at the site doorstep, with promises of unique, interesting titles to play on the PSP. The same PSP that I rarely put games in until Crisis Core purchase a few months ago. I think, hey, maybe that RPG that I see on their main page will scratch my RPG itch. I haven't really played a hardcore JRPG before. I'm up for new things.

It arrives in the mail in a white cardboard sleeve. The UMD is plain, white, production copy. I'm a little sad, since ATLUS rocks the house when it comes to cool extra content and packaging. But I pop it in anyway.

And I immediately hate it."

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bgrundman3225d ago

Wow... Altus is really jumping on the portable bandwagon.

CrAppleton3224d ago

No doubt.. been seeing a lot of great things from Atlus lately

bgrundman3225d ago

Is this a port or an original title?

killyourfm3225d ago

Totally original title, localized for north america. In pure Atlus style.

CrAppleton3224d ago

Looks cool man.. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

supercharger51503224d ago

Lots of great screen shots!!