10 Reasons why the OnLive 'Console' will Fail

Some analysts have predicted that the recently announced OnLive service will eradicate the need for consoles and could even spell the end for the next-generation of machines. Gameplayer on the other hand believe people are jumping the gun and present 10 reasons why OnLive will fail to disrupt the console market.

"Everybody is talking about the new OnLive gaming service. Even the Amish."

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PirateThom3372d ago

It's been hours! HOURS! And there's already a "why it will fail article".


BrunoM3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

LOL what were you wating for lol.. now theres something else for people to hate on llol. .ahahah

Now bat to the news as far as the OnLive goes i think il not use it now for console gaming but il use it for pc gaming ...

Pcs its something i stop using does to having to put so much money on a pc to play new games ...

il use it plat new to end pc games os ya it will have use for me and many others .. but ps3 will still be my first wit hthe 360 second and then il be using OnLive for pc gaming i think is a good idea no ?

what about you guys ?

Omegasyde3372d ago

Reason #11

Will gamers pay a 3-4 dollars to rent the experience?

What if they like the game so much they want to "keep" it. So in theory
would he have to pay for the service (bundled) or usage (daily/weekly/per hour?)

Reason #12
Fighting games online will not work.

Reason #13
The service will take a substantial hit for multiplayer games. Imagine the game having to stream to your house, to the server, to another house just to let your bullet hit someone in the head.
Multiplayer will not work not even in the 420p unless you are fine with 1 second of lag and can lead your targets by 5 feet. Factor in the voice streaming on top of this.

Reason #14
From the makers of X band. Great Concept, horribly executed

Panthers3371d ago

I agree with some things he said, but just the thought of putting Gamestop out of business puts a smile on my face. I dont think it will ever get that popular, but that would be cool.

Omegasyde3371d ago

Panthers, Gamers put gamestop in business. Not paying 55.99, for a used game. (

$^$#^$#^$ BS, why buy used when 5 dollars more will buy you new version?)

FarEastOrient3371d ago

It's going to be interesting because not even my state Florida can get past 3.5mbs and that is at peak of its performance not the normal bandwidth for traffic. Not only that Comcastunism will not be happy if all the gamers in my state alone starts playing their games at the same time their whole system will start shutting down.

Remember Cable ISP are sending their TV signals down the same pipeline as well as the telephone and internet.

InfectedDK3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

They can't beat consoles.
Simple as that.
But it wont fail either.

nnotdead3371d ago

i still think a lot of what is written are true concerns for Onlive and possible future customers. i did sign up for the beta to hopefully see how and if it will work.

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Zeus Lee3372d ago

Can you at least wait 24hours before you start Trolling the product?

BrunoM3372d ago


and it takes them about the same time to come up with a stupid bad please give me hits story as it takes a fan boy to have a good reason to back another system .. about 0.0021 of a sec ..


SlappingOysters3371d ago

yeah they should wait a week and then do a story. C'mon, so they were faster than everyone else. Good on 'em.

KionicWarlord2223372d ago

lol anyone watch the press conference? it was pretty good no one should down this console. if they succeed then it ends this constant fanboyism .

BrunoM3372d ago

and your last like is whats making them go crazy lol...

it wont end consoles but most people will use it like i willl look ...

il keep my MAIN gaiming the ps3 and some 360 but now il be able to play high end pc games with out the need to spend 800$ in a new card

SO im in with Onlive but ill be only for pc gaming .. sounds like a great deal for me like these no ?

Omegasyde3371d ago

Great concept, too early.

Unless everyone has t3 connection. I was NOT at GDC, but I see the conference via internet and will tell you its all smoke and mirrors.

There will be lag with the service and no way in hell will it be as fast as they say unless of coarse your right next to the server.

johnnywit3371d ago


I don't know about the lag issue but I watched the interviews on youtube and they said it uses a knew technology to prevent lag with slower bandwith. I don't know what he was talking about but it seems cool. You can check it out on youtube. I'm going to wait to see if it is as good as they say.

HS833372d ago

I know Im not the only one who thinks this, but we all know the big three SONY, MS and Nintendo will fire back with something of their own against this.

KionicWarlord2223372d ago

ofcourse . someone will ethier buy em...or add em.this will only happen if its seen as a big investment.

Omegasyde3371d ago

Motion controls.

That is if this service works, which it won't.

SlappingOysters3372d ago

I got the impression that the media who first reported on it oversold it has been something more than it is. The guy at the end was kind of - yeah some people will use this everynow and again - not, bye bye consoles.

MS will surely sue that name though!

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