China Blocks YouTube, Google Tries to Reinstate Access

On Monday, traffic from China to YouTube began dwindling until it dried up nearly completely today, due to a site-wide block of the popular video sharing site in that country.

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3549d ago
ZuperAmazingCooKie3549d ago

The day robots come out the chinese cheap labor won't be needed and China will rot in hell. F*** China and their selfish bullsh1t.

Leio3549d ago

What the fuk is wrong with you?? curse the whole country for some idiots running it? ..Free google, yahoo ....access clearly dont help you much...

And to the Chinese.. I like cheap stuff keep it coming :/

CrippleH3549d ago

China again trying to block any form of freedom in socializing.

Maybe they are scared that a new "revolutionary" will rise up and revolt against the communist.

Nihilism3549d ago

that is so fu<ked, i didn't realise the entire world was still a prison...we've come along way for nothing as a human race, game over people, there's a fuc<in commie thumbing us down already

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