Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: Every Question, Every Answer reports:

"For those who'd rather not sit through a recording, here's a full, word-for-word transcript of the question-and-answer session held after the debut."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Q: Any chance the new content will be DLC for the Xbox?
A: Only on Playstation. Just like the slogan, right? So, no is the answer.

Shhhhh. There there, it's going to be okay.

Delta3376d ago

LOL to bad for 360 exclusive owners. :(

Sarcasm3376d ago

ouch ouch ouch

Is that a throw back to "Only on Xbox360" printed on all the NG2 covers? lol

Obama3376d ago

I also wonder what happened to the argument that the ps3 can't handle ninja gaiden 2? Turns out that the superior version is on the ps3.

REALgamer3376d ago

I think the comment was made regarding the engine it was developed on - the engine used for NG2, DOAX2 and DOA4 is built for 360 development.

However, the Sigma game have been rebuilt on the Sigma engine which is tuned for PS3 development.

So from the original comments I think they were meaning NG2 couldn't be ported straight over to PS3, instead it would have to be rebuilt in Sigma as they're doing now.

Dragun6193376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Hmm.....Seems like it going to be a great year for PS3 owners. It just keeps on getting exclusives. Hope My wallet will able handle the upcoming games this year.

Hmm I think Dead or Alive might actually come on PS3 since Yosuke Hayashi, which it practically shows all over the interview the guy likes PS3 not to mention he defended the PS3 since launch, now leads Team Ninja. Which would make me happy as we would get a fair trade with Tekken 6.

xztence3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Hayashi ftw, he already has surpassed itagaki with his idea's for co-op.
and unlike itagaki he's willing to further support the game with DLC for further momentum.

SL1M DADDY3376d ago

That Itagaki was nowhere near the development of this iteration... With that douche bag out of the way, TECMO might actually do some cool stuff. It just seems that with him around, their content was getting a bit off kilter since he seemed so full of himself.

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Zeus Lee3376d ago

"Only on Playstation. Just like the slogan, right? So, no is the answer."

Ps_alm3k3376d ago

hayashi is a ps3 fanboy!!!!

PirateThom3376d ago

Hahaha, yeah, I just noticed that.

Ninja Gaiden 3 - only on PS3.

blackbeld3376d ago

Agree ^^^ PirateThom LOL.... Ninja Gaiden 3 will be PS3 exclusive hahaha lets hope so...

Bumpmapping3376d ago

lol Team Ninja=PS3 fanboys

Sarcasm3376d ago

When it was Itagaki

it was

Team Ninja = Xbox Fanboys

Now it's Hayashi it's

PS3 fanboys.

For some strange obvious reason, Hayashi or Team Ninja or Tecmo is doing this on purpose to shame Itagaki.

- Ghost of Sparta -3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Itagaki told CVG that Ninja Gaiden Sigma was "no good" (in comparison to NG2), though it ended up vastly superior. Now Hayashi's back, here to make a fool out of Itagaki once more. He'll be back a third time too, to announce Ninja Gaiden 3 exclusively for the PS3.

REALgamer3376d ago

The whole console exclusivity thing seems to be the choice of the lead on the team.

Itagaki was a passionate supporter of the Xbox from the beginning, and was instrumental in forging good relations between Tecmo and Microsoft which resulted in the DOA and NG series being exclusive.

With him gone, it now seems like Hayashi is a passionate PlayStation supporter, so it might swing the other way.

Tecmo have always been a multiplatform publisher but it sounds like they leave the platform of choice for each game mostly up to the lead.

Hopefully they will still be supporting the Xbox as they have significant experience with the Xbox and good relations with Microsoft, with the original team specialising in 360 and the Sigma team specialising in PS3 development. It would be silly to throw away that experience.

I'd like to think they could create amazing titles published on both platforms simply with the actual technical development handled by each team seperately for their respective platform. This could get by the issues many multiformat publishers have when trying to port a game to a different console that often results in technical issues. Let the original team develop it for 360 using their 360-based engine, and the Sigma team develop it for PS3 using the Sigma engine.

Everyone should be happy. =) That way there would be no compromised for either platform.

Ischan3376d ago

I can't really remember. But it was something like the PS3 team TN were allocated with small resources and left alone to do Sigma. And apparently they could pull it off. They built the engine purposely for PS3. Now they have chance to show it off again.

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REALgamer3376d ago

He's really eager to prove Team Ninja is still as amazing as they ever were even without Itagaki.

There will be huge expectations on him as the new designer, but I think we'll only his his true talent at work when the first original game with him leading is released. After all, the Sigma games are more building on existing foundations. I'll be interested to see what he can do with a game started from scratch.

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