PSXextreme preview: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

PSXE writes: Although Tecmo still refuses to initially bring new Ninja Gaiden installments to the PlayStation 3, it seems that fans of Sony's machine only have to wait a bit longer to receive an updated and overall superior version. It happened with Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and after Ninja Gaiden II launched on the Xbox 360 last year, Tecmo is doing it again with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, set for release on the PS3 later this year. If you're not familiar, this is actually a prequel to the early NG titles on the NES, and you will once again step into the fleet and competent shoes of Ryu Hayabusa, who seeks to restore order to a world infested with bad guys and demons. Sigma 2 will further boast plenty of additions and enhancements based in part on fan feedback taken from the 360 version, and this includes new playable characters and what Tecmo is calling "30% more content" for the single-player campaign alone. We're specifying because another new option will be the online co-op mode, which is destined to appeal to many hardcore action aficionados out there.

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arika3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

when i played the first sigma on my ps3 i was so amazed and at the same time pissed off, because when it came out it was probably one of the best looking game on the ps3 and also the hardest game to beat. so hopefully the second will be more of the same, great graphics and hardcore gameplay and to my surprise an additional online co-op mode and hopefully lots of trophies! SWEET! now to me this is a definite day one must buy.

Simon_Brezhnev3372d ago

ninja gaiden use to be the hardest game but now the king of hard games is demons souls 3 hits u dead and when you die u start at beginning of the level with half your life

arika3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

i haven't played demon souls yet but from what i have seen it looks nice too, but it is in a whole different league altogether and won't be able to dethrone ninja gaiden sigma as top hardcore game of this gen.

pwnsause3372d ago

isnt Demon souls an RPG?

arika3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

yup! its more like a dungeon and dragons rpg, its more comparable to white knight chronicles minus the "turning into a magical gigantic knight" and the colorful visuals.

kewlkat0073371d ago

This is nothing new and it doesn't get any easier, this game is a Hardcore's game.

I've seen seasoned vets cry. This is one of those games, you get frustrated enough, you take a break for a couple of weeks then continue.

3371d ago
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sunnygrg3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

And dont forget trophies!! Now we'll see who really completes the game on Very hard mode.

Acidicpack3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

NG sigma was freaking sweet! NG2 was even better. I cant wait to see how they will improve NG Sigma 2. Lets hope that there is no frame rate slow down like in the 360 version.

Until this game drops though I'm really thinking about Picking up Ninja Blade. The demo was way over the top but it was still no Ninja Gaiden.

phosphor1123371d ago

and I was surprised with how much stuff they added to the game. ATLEAST 5 levels if I recall. They added those Rachael levels and then some more Ryu levels. It sucked though..I got about 30 mins left in to the game, and I couldn't beat it on hard, so I had to tone down the difficulty =[[[

I was at the door with the 3 guardians. The ones that go berserk when almost dead.

Yi-Long3371d ago

... is that they won't be toning down the violence/blood/gore, which sadly, they are... :(

mrmikew20183371d ago

yea that wasn't too bright on Tecmos' part, hopefully he changes his mind.

u got owned3371d ago

That's one thing i loved about N2 for the X360, that's what made N2 so good, the gore and violence. Let hope they don't tone it down to much.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3371d ago

"30% more content" for the single-player campaign"

"online co-op mode"

Niiiiiiiiiiice;) Best Version are always on the PS3;)

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