Kotaku GDC09: World's First Hands On With With Iphone's Wolfenstein 3D

Kotaku writes: "The graphics are crisp, intense duplicates of the original. Everything is there, the grimacing visage of your character's face, the Nazis, the dogs, the Hitler. The only difference, Nix says, is that the game doesn't require you to activate doors, they open when you bump into them. That includes the secret ones."

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peeps3223d ago

i bet this will be alot of fun :D hope so anyway cus i get an touch on friday. Not really getting 1 for games cus as i discussed with my gf (who also owns 1) alot of the games get boring fast.

Mainly getting 1 for music/video but tbh it seems like lots of devs fancy making games for the thing + the development time seems really short, we hear about a game and then b4 u know it, it's available for download

nix3223d ago

i love how these arcade games never leave our heart. most of them first came out on old SKUs. then, we all went "oh my gosh! that's my favourite!" when it came out in comp. then we all went "oh my gosh my fav game now i can play on my phone" when it released in mobiles. i'm sure the emotions will run high with this one too.

DNAgent3223d ago

Apparently it seems like the iPhone likes to ruin almost as many classics as Rare.

peeps3223d ago

it's just wolfenstein 3d but with a different control scheme (cus all controls on iphone/touch are obv touch screen/tilt the only thing is the controls are part of the hud

PS360WII3223d ago

This game is rockin on the iPhone. Now for Doom to come out :)