G4TV GDC 2009 Hands-On: inFAMOUS

G4TV writes: "GDC 2009 is my first chance to go hands-on with Sucker Punch's upcoming PS3 exclusive game, inFAMOUS, which will be releasing this June. I hadn't seen the game in person since last year's Tokyo Games Show, but it's come a long way since then. I played a tutorial mission and 3 additional missions here at GDC. Two as good Cole and two as Evil Cole, who uses red lightning and is way awesome."

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ScorpianusNoir3372d ago

But Morgan and Adam really give PS3 gamers a hard time. I think they're both great and I watch them all the time, but I do think that they are biased or the producers are.

Monolith3372d ago

its gonna be an awesome game, day won buy for me, sucker punch knows how to deliver, sly 1, 2, and 3 were all fun as hell if you ever played them

thats_just_prime3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

The game doesnt even look close to being on par with protype that is coming out at the same time. The trailers on infamous look boring when compared to protype and the voice acting in infamous is awful.

gta28003372d ago

Although I'll be getting Prototype as well, I'm leaning more toward InFamous. For various reasons.

1.Better graphics.
InFamous looks much better than Prototype. Everything in Prototype looks so small and when compared to other games it looks like an average games graphics. InFamous looks way more detailed in every aspect in comparison to Prototype.

2.Better story.
I haven't played InFamous(obviously) but from what we've seen so far the game is way more story driven than Prototype is. There seems like there will be much more to do in InFamous because of that. More things to explore, different kind of missions to do, etc.

Although I said something like this in number 2, I feel like InFamous will have more gameplay variety. Prototypes action seems more action packed but it seems like the missions will all be the same. Clean out one area...completed...clean out next area...etc. It still looks fun but seems like it will get boring fast.

Well, this one is kind of a tie to me. I like both of their powers. But after seeing the InFamous trailer where Cole is using his powers in slow motion...what else can I say.

All in all, I will pick up both games and will most likely enjoy both. But judging from what I've seen so far I will probably enjoy InFamous more. Also, to PS3 owners. If you're thinking about which one to get...don't be silly. Get both! =D

Panthers3371d ago


With the level of PS3 exclusives we have been getting, I will stick with InFamous. I have the same feeling about this game that I did about Uncharted before that came out. But I'm sure Prototype will be good too.

- Ghost of Sparta -3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Prototype looks like garbage and those developers have never made a good game but you don't own a PS3 so I could understand why you would prefer the inferior product, you don't have a choice. PS3 owners get to play both. That's the beauty of owning a PS3, we get all the best games.

nix3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

nope that's my bottom you're smelling. 'cause i am sitting on you right now! and not to forget i haven't taken a bath for at least a week!

SL1M DADDY3371d ago

I hope that it actually plays as well as it looks. I love the concept and the art direction. Can't wait to get this one in my console.

Ju3371d ago

I agree with the Uncharted effect. I think its a hidden gem which could be a surprise title this year. I am actually amazed how they made progress with the game. Now, seeing these Karama videos and how the (close to final ?) presentation looks, I am sold. I thought it was lacking at first, but they really used the time to tune this up a notch. Looks promising. And, well, its Sucker Punch, how could I doubt what they are doing.

Can't help but need to drop a line towards Prototype. I think it looks good, to. But the excessive (ab)use of violence in that game just turns me off. Can't we just stick with a very good story and let that carry the game for a change...

thats_just_prime3371d ago

Ju and gta well at least you 2 are able to state a reason as to why you think imfamous is better. Unlike like Ghost of Sparta who just rants about some idiot fanboy bs and who never made an intelligent post in his life.

Ju well thats your opinion and thats fine its obvious that games like protype target a different group of people.


Graphics - I personally like the graphics in protype better then in infamous. Infamous might have a slight tech edge in graphics. I think that protype has way more stylized type that helps set the mood of the game.

Story - I'll admit that I dont much about the story but your saying infamous has a better story without playing either game. Also you dont know much about the protype story as very little about it been reveil. However protype has a very creative way in telling its story. The story is reveiled by adsorbing people and your story is told through their eyes instead of the normal first person way of telling a story. Also as you can adorb anyone in the game there is a chance for a much deeper story and far more side quest then fond in infamous.

Gameplay - You obviously know nothing about the gameplay in protype. Well it seems to be action pack this is not the only way to play. Like I said you can adsorb anyone so you are able to adsorb people that allow you to sneak into place. You can also adsorb people's special abilities.

Powers - well already talk about these.

I suggestion that you read up a bit more on protype

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hippo243372d ago

Looking good, It will be interesting to see how this tuens out.

Lfmesquite3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Sorry, accidental post. But anyway Yeah, Infamous looks like a solid game. PS3 needs this and all they can get in my opinion, not hating but it's tough with their price.

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XDF3372d ago

Good game like Ninja Blade, not AAA material but a solid action sand box game that I might take a look at when it is released in Jul -Aug.

hulk_bash19873372d ago

Lets wait and see, cuz as far as the "Game critics" are concerned there has been nothing but praise, and it could very well be da sleeper hit of dis year.

Panthers3371d ago

People were saying the same thing about Uncharted before that released. Now look at it. I dont care what metacritc says. Uncharted is AAA. This game looks epic.

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