Japanese Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Cover Art?

KH Insider writes: "As many of you have undoubtedly heard by now, certain Japanese retailers such as Yahoo Shopping Japan, and other sites have begun to use the image seen below for their Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days pages. It should be important to note that this image is nothing but a placeholder or a mock-up. It's not the official cover for the game, though, it is a pretty good guess as to what the cover can look at."

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White-Sharingan3223d ago

*moans* I love me some kingdom hearts <3

cant wait for this and BBS, and KH3....if it ever comes out (hopefully for PS3)

Evildoomnerd3223d ago

But for now, I just want a solid US release date!

Marceles3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Roxas pretty much makes the whole cover, thats a cool drawing and pose of him

SpoonyRedMage3223d ago

This game is set to be awesome, the graphics especially. They look like a transition between PS1 and PS2.