Evil Avatar: Resident Evil 5 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "After an era-defining game Capcom would always struggle with the latest iteration of one of its biggest franchises. Have they made enough positive changes for this game to stake its own claim for the Resident Evil franchise?

Resident Evil 4 was, by all accounts, one of the greatest games of the previous generation. It even managed to creep into this current run of consoles with a definitive Wii version. This success must have been intimidating for those who sat down to work on the follow-up. However, it seems that the folks at Capcom have taken the challenge in their stride and created a game that may not usurp the current king of the franchise but still provides a distinctive experience for gamers."

The Good

* Amazing visuals, some of the best of this generation.
* Great action gameplay with some standout sequences.
* Excellent co-op design that has more subtlety than you might think. Meta-communication through set phrases feels exceptionally cool.

The Bad

* Poorly told story, falls short of your expectations.
* Boss fights are all very similar and don't stand out beyond their excellent visual design.
* Removing the smart inventory management is the hardest change to appreciate. No more "hello stranger" either.

The Ugly

* That kit sound effect never goes away.
* No good in single-player.

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