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Fixed Fallout 3 DLC Should Hit Xbox 360 Tommorow Writes:

"It looks like the corrected version of the Fallout 3 "Pitt" downloadable add-on will arrive on Xbox 360 tomorrow, developer Bethesda has informed Shacknews.
"Finishing some tests but if all checks out we should have The Pitt back up and available by tomorrow afternoon," Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines told shacknews"

"The $10 add-on, which brings new quests and a post-apocalyptic rendition of Pittsburgh to the action-RPG, arrived on PC and Xbox 360 early this morning. However, the Xbox 360 release was quickly pulled after a corrupt file saw players encounter glitches and floating exclamation points. The PC edition of "The Pitt" is unaffected by said issues."

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DNAgent3377d ago

Broken/Buggy mediocre DLC. Only on 360.

hippo243377d ago

Idiotic/asinine fanboys, devoid of logic. Only on N4G.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3376d ago

Forced installs/jaggies/20fps/no one buys games/ wait for everything only on the PS3.

hippo243377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Great news, I'll probably be getting it by then.
Nice to see some support for a product.

DJ DarkProphet3376d ago

thank god they're patching it so quickly. noone wants to endure another Castle Crashers incident. i had such high hopes for that game; by the time the patch released, i'd already lost interest...sigh.

Microsoft Xbox 3603376d ago

All I hear is DLC for the 360. Are their even full games out for the system anymore?

timmyrulz3376d ago

"All I hear is DLC for the 360. Are their even full games out for the system anymore?"

I think you may find that if you count the number of games released so far in 2009, the x360 has more than the ps3, dlc is an added bonus for those who want to expand their experienced on the games they have already beaten and want some more

ThatCanadianGuy3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

Ok.Just for "lulz" let's name some! C'mon ! You and me buddy

I'll start (Not counting DLC)

Yakuza 3
Killzone 2
MLB 09: The Show
Noby Noby Boy
Bejeweled 2
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
Savage Moon

That's all i got off the top of my head

Your turn !

Microsoft Xbox 3603376d ago

Yeah c'mon name them. Not including multiplatform games of course.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3376d ago

PS3 has had Killzone 2 so far this year, the 360 has had Halo Wars, Stoke, Star Ocean, Onechanbara, and coming soon Ninja Blade and Velvet Assassin (GDC and E3 will bring more). Thats not even summer and you have... uh... and... uh... (sounds of crickets) then you have uh... (more crickets) and you got (damn crickets) well sometime in the fall you get another 2 games and thats about it for 2009. <--- typical Sony always "next year" :D

ThatCanadianGuy3376d ago

Jason, jason, jason..

The prime example of a mentally handicapped child.
Even with the small list i typed up a mere inches above his post his blind loyalty to Microsoft won't allow him to accept reality.

PS3 had 3 AAA games so far this year.
With GOW3, Heavy Rain, infamous, Uncharted 2 and many more to come.

Just accept it.PS3 has great games.Stop waking up & trying to pretend like it's still 2006.

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