New PS3 exclusive Katamari game in the works

Japanese games are a misunderstood breed in the US. Often nonsensical, always charming, they are either hit or miss amongst most Westerners. For those that do like them, prepare to celebrate - the latest issue of Famitsu confirms a PS3 exclusive Katamari game is in the works. The game is called Katamari Tribute and will be running in full HD, though details are still slim outside of that.

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theKiller3552d ago

all these high quality exclusives one after the other!!

ninja gaiden sigma 2 is ps3 exclusive!!! i say it make it up for FF13 going multi!!

and now katamri??

3552d ago
PixlSheX3552d ago

a sad try to spin thekiller comment doesn't make up for loosing NG2.

Kamikaze1353552d ago

The PS3 is still getting it, along with FF VSXIII, lol. Also, all games that the 360 losses that go to the PS3 always include more content.

Tomdc3552d ago

NGS2 aint an exclusive... just a port with added features... and 1.1 does have a point FF13 > NGS2 and Katamari

although they are both good!!!

Sorry to be so picky but your right that it's only getting better!

DNAgent3552d ago

Seeing as how FF13 is being made by Square-Enix and not the once great Squaresoft, I think it more than makes up for it.

Kamikaze1353552d ago

An exclusive gets announced and it gets attacked by "omg we get FFXIII"? It's a multi platform game. Brag about exclusives, lol. Plus the 360 will only get ONE FFXIII game...the PS3 gets two =P

Dragun6193552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Honestly, For me, nothing can make up FF13 going Multiplatform.
I just didn't get why SqaureEnix couldn't have just make a new Final Fantasy game for Xbox360. Like how they gave The Wii FF: Crystal Chronicles Echos of Time But i guess i'm happy as we still get both FF13 and Versus. :)

And for Katamari Tribute and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, they are both great additions to the pretty long list of games for PS3. Can't wait to get both of them. Need to save some money, too many good games keep coming out. Recently bought Street Fighter 4, Killzone 2, Bioshock for $15 at Circuit city and a new Iphone

ZuperAmazingCooKie3552d ago

Notice I didn't mention exclusively, but that doesn't really matter. Even if FFXIII came out for 360 in japan, where do you think it'd sell most? You do know Final Fantasy sells more in Japan than anywhere else, right? PS3 lost nothing, FFXIII on 360 is only a brag-rights fest for 360 fanboys.

If it was FF7, that would be another story, because that's the best selling FF ever, and the most popular in America. But Sony owns publishing rights for FF7 in America, which is the only region where 360 is truly successful. Furthermore, 360 fanboys hoping for anything FF7 related such as "FF7: Sigma" can't get it either, since Sony isn't as stupid as Microsoft in the sense that they protected themselves in such a way that everything related to FF7 has to be launched exclusively on Sony platforms in America, as it happened with PSP and PS2.

xaviertooth3552d ago

E740 >>>>>> FFXIII


i wish sony can pay microsoft a hefty sum for that thing become multi-platform.

and can somebody please remind me that i should belong there ----->

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pwnsause3552d ago

now we need a Katamari Home minigame! LMAO

whothedog3552d ago

Roll up everyone in central park?? :)

Black Maverick3552d ago

I was really hoping for a new Katamari on PS3. The game was always designed for the dual-analog setup of the PS controller. After playing Beautiful Katamari, I felt like there was a lot of unfulfilled potential there. Hopefully, this game will bring some fresh ideas to the series.

Cajun Chicken3552d ago

Oh Yes. My First Katamari game.

gauntletpython3552d ago

OMG, PS3Center just updated the post... Due out in 2009, games running in full 1080p!

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