Should Pure Handheld Gaming be Reserved for the Casuals?

Being hardcore doesn't mean you game every chance you get, following blogs covering the latest stories, listening to podcasts, and just in general keeping up-to-date with the gaming community.

A handheld gaming device should be, well, a gaming device first and foremost. Many people out there believe that instead of investing in silly features like WiFi Web Browsing, devices like the PSP should be focused on pushing the power of their games beyond what anyone would expect.

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Yi-Long3372d ago

... you should be able to play 'casual' games, as well as 'hardcore' games.

With casual, I think we're taling about the 'simpler' games, like easy to control, no storyline, just puzzles or quick fixes. Obviously games like Tetris and Puzzle Fighter are ideal for quick bursts of gaming-enjoyment.

However, I feel it's also a perfect console to take with you and play RPG's/Adventures, or sportsgames, or a game like GTA or whatever. Games that pull you in with a story.

The most important thing with handheld gaming is that it offers you enough opportunities to save and quit, so you can continue onwards when you have 1-15 minutes orso again to play.

Personally, I'd like to see some more originality on the handhelds. Alot of what's coming out right now is ports of older games. With originality, I don't mean I want games that redefine a genre with complicated controls, but just look at what these consoles can do, and what people want to play, and offer them the games that would be ideal to play on a handheld console.

Why not bring back the 2d sprite-based platformers!? Create some good new 2d platform games which are easy to control and fun to play. I still love playing the old Megadrive Sonic platformers (1 + 2) on my PSP, and Mario Bros on the DS was great as well (not sprite-based, I know).
I feel too many handheld games are going for 3D, and TBH it will not look as crisp and clear as a good 2D title. Why not produce a new Shinobi platformer!? Or a great new 2D Megaman or Ninja Gaiden!? Or a Turrican!?

I don't think the handhelds are taken full advantage off by the developers, and too many studio's are churning out ports or treating the handhelds in the same way as a normal home-console. They aren't smart enough about what the handheld is best equiped to offer the gamer on the go.
I'm not saying it's BAD btw, cause there are a lot of fun and nice titles out for both handhelds, but like I said, many of those are 'ports'. I don't mind ports when I haven't played the original, but I'd like to see a comeback of the 2d (original) platformers, and overhead racing games (think Crazy Cars/Micro Machines), and top-down shooters, and maybe even adventures like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango etc.

DNAgent3372d ago

I thought the Wii was reserved for casual gamers. If you need a casual handheld then you already have the DS.

SaiyanFury3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )


Agreed, why the heck can't a handheld have both? I'm not an apple fan and will never own an iphone. Heck, my cell phone is 5 years old, has no text messaging, no camera, no internet access whatsoever. It's a phone, and I use it to phone people. I don't game on my PSP to try and touch other people, I use it to game. If I felt some need to contact people, I'll use MSN Messenger or my PS3's chat feature. Portable gaming to me is just that, gaming. I care not for reaching out to others; if I'm using my PSP, I'm gaming.