NowGamer Review: Battleforge

NG writes: "We blame the rise and domination of the Pokémon era for making trading card games childish and uncool. Well, maybe trading card games were always a bit uncool – most of us above the age of 14 won't be caught bragging to the local hoodies about the stats of our recently acquired, ultra-rare Twilight Wrathgazer after all. But they don't need to be a glorified game of Top Trumps and they don't have to come in shiny foil wrappers and enough non-recyclable packaging to swamp a landfill. We're sure EA has pushed the point that BattleForge is a significant cut, even above Magic: The Gathering, but in case you were in any doubt then no, just because it involves swapping virtual pieces of printed card with other players it doesn't mean that Phenomic has conceived of a cunning new way to scam pocket money from ten-year-olds."

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