Primotech @ GDC 09: The City of Metronome: Still Ticking, Despite a Troubled Past

"We always have plans to go forward, but the thing we've never done is to say we're actually doing it," said Tarsier CEO Mattias Nygren in an interview held at the W Hotel in San Francisco. "But as of right now, it's not in production."


Despite the setbacks, Tarsier remains optimistic about the future of its game. For them, it's not a matter of "if" Metronome will be released. It's a matter of "when."

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Raoh3404d ago

that has to be the saddest game developer story i ever read.

i hope they get where they want to go.

Odion3404d ago

There is not one other game that I can think of that deserves to be made more then this.

Its screams Iconic, magical, dark, it screams that it has a life of its own.

mcgrawgamer3403d ago

since 2005. I'm very glad to hear they are still working on this title amist adversity.