GDC: Team Ninja doesn't need Itagaki

Eurogamer writes: "Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 producer Yosuke Hayachi has said Team Ninja is getting on just fine without its founder, Tomonobu Itagaki.

You may recall that Itagaki once told CVG that if Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was released for PS3, it would be "a loss of face for everyone involved".

At a press conference in San Francisco, a member of the audience asked why Itagaki is so against the Sigma series. "Maybe we should ask him, huh?" joshed the translator."

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Elven63549d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Tecmo, the parent company of Team Ninja have to merge days after Itagaki left?

Xi3549d ago

I also beilve that the stock took a heavy fall after the lawsuit became public.

Elven63549d ago

Yea and the former CEO was basically disgraced out of his old job because of some Japanese society thing since he was accused of cheating a employee. Its honorable for the Japanese to still hold this values in 2009 especially after the huge changes they faced in World War II.

Funny, if such things were practiced in the West a respectful CEO would be a rare occurrence. :p

v1c1ous3549d ago

what the hell are you talking about? this isn't a culture issue. the CEO forged legal documents and tried cheating itagaki out of his deserved bonuses.

you don't have to be a japanese ceo or american ceo or african ceo. your ass is grass regardless anywhere.

Elven63549d ago

At above: I was referring to the fact that he was publicly shamed out of his job.

facepalm3549d ago

^-^ That's the power of money... It drives even the most "honorable" of people over the edge.

Bnet3433549d ago

Ninja Gaiden is still Itagaki's game. Hiyashi has a nice foundation to work with, but until he directs his own game, his words are meaningless. Ninja Gaiden won't be the same without Itagaki I bet. We'll see if they even make a part 3 or not.

IdleLeeSiuLung3549d ago

To add to Kigmal's statement of my own opinion, Hiyashi directed the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3. We all know how fun the extra character was to play. If anything, Hiyashi has proven the contrary, but I could be wrong. Still very much looking forward to NGS2. Anything Ninja Gaiden get's my money!

Sarcasm3549d ago

"Ninja Gaiden won't be the same without Itagaki I bet. We'll see if they even make a part 3 or not. "

It sure isn't. Yeah the core game was started by Itagaki, but it doesn't mean it couldn't be improved upon which Hayashi did.

I think NGS and NGS2 is the stepping stone or "practice" for Hayashi, and I think his next project whether multiplatform or not, could succeed over Itagaki.

The problem with Itagaki is not because of his console preference (Xbox), but more of the fact that he doesn't evolve or seek to innovate.

Jamegohanssj53548d ago

As much as I am a Sony fan I will admit I love Itagaki. He's one of my favourites and perhaps in my top 10, well of course he's in my top ten. If I could be like he and Hideo when I grew up I would be satisfied with life. I can't wait to see what our new head chief does. I believe that he will do absolutely well with everything. He has PS3 by his side, so nothing can go wrong.


SL1M DADDY3548d ago

Yeah, let's hope it won't be. Let's hope that with Itagaki's "rock star" ego out of the way we will se the series actually get better.

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Elven63549d ago

No, Itagaki is still one of Japan's best.

To be fair, from what I have seen Hayashi's stand out games were essentially Itagaki's.

Xi3549d ago

Itigaki, albiet a overzealous and a prick/pervert, is the man behind what matters most in all the team ninja games.

It's his combo system, it's his fighting mechanics that they use in every game. In the end it's because of this that the gaiden series was so great with it's visceral swordplay and skillful mechanics.

Sevir043549d ago

he's talented but his subordinates seem to doing much better under Hayashi. For one Hayashi doesn't down the work of his subordinates, the work effort shows with what they are bringing to this game. Both NGS games are systematically better than the originals on a much more technical scale of things, clearly there is more knowledge on hayashi's side. he's quite humble and it shows, he's never mouth off or taken shots at other devs... simply put Tomonobu itagaki is only known for ninja gaiden series and already hayashi is doing his game better..

hayashi > there is just no comparison.

7ero H3LL3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

itagaki may have been an ass but at least he had a vision. hayashi is just a person perfecting an other man's work, he's not the originator.

people would say the same thing if konami's kojima was replaced by an other person with the same intentions. the credit goes to the originator.

Dark General3549d ago

I'd wait for them to create their own original game without Itagaki laying the ground work first. That being said i'am looking forward to Sigma 2 in a major way.

Dragun6193549d ago

Honestly, i believe that Yosuke Hayashi will be a great leader for Team Ninja and i can see him making great games in the future.

As for Itagaki, Yosuke Hayashi totally owned him as he finally responded to the comment Itagaki said long ago about Sigma and how it would be "Loss of Face" as quoted

Hayashi said "There's nothing I'd put against the Sigma series. The face has changed, the leader [of Team Ninja] has changed, the so-called creator has left..." But it's still Ninja Gaiden, he said. "The DNA is there."

"We're confident," Hayashi said of Sigma 2. "This will be the ultimate package, the one you will always remember."

Hayashi's also confident that he can fill the void left by Itagaki: "I'll prove it with the game," he said, which sounded way more badass in Japanese. Later, in English, he told me he was the boss of Team Ninja now.

End quote

I'm sure Hayashi will continue the success of Team Ninja and hold true to his word that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be the ultimate package which seems to be definite this point as According to GameSpot, they've tweaked the camera, added 2 new playable characters, added huge bosses not seen in the 360 version, new weapon, trophies, better graphics already stated by Ghost of Sparta in the other comments.

LONEWOLF2313549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

We will see what happens.
But all i know is that Hayashi will never fill the shoes that Itagaki left vacant.

Bnet3433549d ago

lol please, all Hiyashi did was polish a game Itagaki made. Let's see if Hiyashi can make his own game then make comparisons.

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panasonic233549d ago

lol soon after Itagaki left team ninja have to merge with a company to survie yep they don't need him lol

Kamikaze1353549d ago

Who needs a drunken fanboy at a development company? lol

SmokingMonkey3549d ago

wonder if it will make smoke come out of whatever machine/console it is on?

Elven63549d ago

Microsoft would be stupid not to fund his next project, he could give them a better foot hold in Japan, not exactly enough to win but definitely make a worse situation better.

SmokingMonkey3549d ago

although, a Wii game could be just as possible these days

Xi3549d ago

Microsoft needs to fund a studio with him and Yukio Futatsugi (panzer dragoon, phantom dust) to provide quality action games for the 360. Along with them and mistwalker I'd think microsoft would be sitting pretty.

Obama3549d ago

With the economy in the toilet, I highly doubt that MS will fund itagaki along with his studio. It costs millions.

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