360 Media Centre: How To Use Your Xbox 360 For Movies, Music, And More Writes:

"The Xbox 360 is no slouch in the media hub department. Here's how to take full advantage of every media function!"

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Raoh3372d ago

I'm confused as to why you say that divx is better on the 360 over the ps3. Sony has a partnership with DIVX and all official divx files play on the ps3. The ps3 itself generates a registration code for you to certify your ps3 as an official divx player.

the 360 has early divx support. mainly mpeg2.

so i'm confused why you would say divx is better on the 360.

Johnny Rotten3372d ago

now all I need to know is where's the fast forward/rewind button for the music player?

GiantEnemyCrab3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

The 360 plays every divx I own. Some have been encoded with the old version and some in the latest codec and it plays them both. I've found that for my DiVX/Xvid collection the PS3 and 360 read about the same.

However, WMV has crap support on PS3 while the 360 supports mpeg3 and mpeg4 and all the WMV and WMVHD formats. Mpeg4 seems to be mainly what Sony uses.

When it comes to media center functions my 360 hooked up to my Vista Media Center owns all. DVR, Sports Scores, Media portals, Web Browser, etc. Using things like MyMovies gives the front end a nice look with browsing by movie covers with details like cast&crew & movie synopsis.

PS3 is no slouch and with the web browser it does alot, but I don't like doing all that within a web browser. So much nicer with a dedicated interface and full screen support for everything.

I just wish MS would get off their arse and open up the media extender and have full codec support. Once again, it could be even more if MS released their grip off it.